About KatyBirds

Whether your event is an intimate dinner for two or a wedding for 150, KatyBirds is here to help you set an amazing table and create the magic your event deserves.

Have a look around our website or come into our showroom and retail shop located in San Rafael, California –  we are here to help!


1821 4th St., San Rafael, CA 94901

At KatyBirds you won’t find plain white plates and stainless steel flatware.  What you will find are beautiful mix and match vintage dishes, silver plated flatware, lovely goblets and tumblers, candelabras, antique flower vessels, unique lighting, various vintage and antique props and a whole lot more!

About Katy (a story)

Katy Balthazar of KatyBirdsAnyone that really knows me knows that it’s magic, beauty and, of course, love that drives me.  It was my mother who influenced me here as she was masterful at creating magic and beauty in our home and from that I felt love.

From a very young age I have appreciated a beautifully set table.  My first experience (I will never forget) was when I was really young sitting at my high-chair, it was dinner time and my mother set my tray just as pretty as the grown-up table with my own lit candle and all!  I was in awe and thought it was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me.

I remember many such magical nights when my parents had guests over and my mother would set the table with fresh roses from her garden, fine handmade lace tablecloths and linen napkins, gold rimmed wine glasses, sterling silver flatware, candelabras,  fine china and an elegant gourmet meal.  Quiet as a mouse, I would stay at the table for hours and bask in the magic my mother created.  I drank from the gold rimmed glasses and stared at the candle flames and sometimes it was near midnight before my mother realized I was still at the table and not in bed!

Yes, my sisters and I had to polish the silver, iron the tablecloths and napkins, do all the dishes and dust all the antiques and yes, it should have scarred me for life!  But, as it happens, I love to polish silver and iron the tablecloths and napkins.  I love all that goes into setting a fabulous table!

Let me share this passion with you and help you set and style your table with my collection of vintage table settings and props.  My hope is that you will be just as excited as I am to see the magic appear at your special event.   ~ Katy

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